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Thread: Answer to private messages

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    Answer to private messages

    I have a private message from a user who wishes to offer me some items.
    I have replied to his private message twice, but I can not see any evidence of the replies ........sent box says (0).
    Did he get my reply?

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    Send me a PM with the info on the other member. I can check their settings. One can turn off the receipt of messages which might be happening. Also, have you check the box to save sent messages? That might be why your seeing 0 sent messages.
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    11,874's rather amazing how many miss the "notifications" box in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
    It is possible that the member hasn't been on. By clicking on the member you can choose a PM (private message) or "send e-mail". You won't be able to see the e-mail address but it should go.
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