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Thread: As we get to Memorial Day

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    As we get to Memorial Day

    For all who served.....

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    Memorial Day Shoutout to All Veterans!
    "All Gave Some - Some Gave All"

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2014 My Fellow Veterans
    Sergeant Don Stanley, United States Army 1968-1974

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    Remembering Our Fallen

    On this Memorial Day 2014 I salute all our Brothers and Sisters who have fallen. Your deeds will always be remembered by all.

    I offer a rousing SEMPER FI to all who served or are currently serving.

    Keith Birkhofer
    Sergeant USMC
    1965 - 1970
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    Thank You

    All those who answered the call, all those of courage and honor, all those who lie in foreign lands.Thank You.
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    Today is the day that the country has chosen to remember those that gave their lives so that those left behind and in the future could enjoy the freedoms and rights that our country provides it's citizens. Now adays even the illegals are more than amply given of the fruits of those lives and ultimate sacrifice.

    Later, Veteran's day is the day to salute those that serve and have. Those men and women that did pay the toll of freedom, by giving their lives, in the past and now, never truly believed that they would be the ones to die. They wanted to fulfill their dreams, hopes, and plans. Yet, they gave all so that you and I could do those things. Live your daily life as you want; but do know, never forget, that they, my brothers,........those heroes......did it for YOU..........God bless these United States........Dennis

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