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Thread: R1100RT/R1150RT Front Fairing/Headlight Fairing Interchangeability.

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    R1100RT/R1150RT Front Fairing/Headlight Fairing Interchangeability.

    My R1100RT just took another bullet to the front fairing and this one clipped the headlight and I don't think a little dap of glue is going to keep the crack from spreading. The front fairing has another nice stone bruise on it that has turned into a spider web.

    So I have to do something.

    I like the looks of that big headlight on an R1150RT. Other than my cosmetic issue, this latest R1100RT that I just got has only 28K miles on it and everything works very nicely.

    Can I interchange an R1150RT front fairing w/headlight assembly to my R1100RT?
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    I suppose you have looked at the fiche and have seen that the 1100/1150 fairing brackets have different part numbers.

    IIRC, there are also some differences in the dash panel and that might mount in different holes.
    Interesting thing to try though. I would think that you would need an 1150 piece to match up with the 1100 one to see if it's doable.
    I do think the 1150 light is superior to the 1100's.
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    I believe there are enough differences in the two front fairings that I wouldn't try it unless I had a complete front fairing from the donor bike. By complete I mean everything that you don't see underneath also.
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