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Thread: '04 R1150 GS Stalling problem.

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    It is easy to check and see if the hoses from the tank vent and the (separate) filler drain have been reversed. They can be reversed accidentally when someone pulls the tank or when the in-tank hoses are maintained. I would check that next.

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    Thanks Roger, I'll check those next.

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    Hoses are all where they should be. There is rain in the forecast for the next few days so I'm going to ride some in the wet and see if it happens again.

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    My 2000 r1100r seems to have developed a similar problem. It ran beautifully today (no rain) for about 15 miles. Then it stalled at a light as I grabbed the clutch. Started and than ran Ok, then lousy, then Ok, back and fourth for the next few miles until I got home. I bought the bike last winter with 7,200mls. Its got 8,300 now. It hasn't had any other issues so far. I removed the carbon can a few weeks ago to make room for a top box but rode a lot since without a problem. Any advice would be appreciated.
    2000 R1100R

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    I haven't been able to get it to happen again. I've done two long rainy rides and no problems.
    When it happened I just got a stall when pulling the clutch in. When it restarted, it ran smoothly until the next clutch pull. No rough running with mine.

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