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Thread: '74 R90/6 with drum brakes and Earles Fork

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    '74 R90/6 with drum brakes and Earles Fork

    I'm new at this and may not be observing the proper protocols, but here goes. I have a '74 R90/6 with a '62 Watsonian Monza and a Rabid Transit fairing.
    I want to remove the fairing and would like to restore the headlight and left turn signal. The large gas tank is a bit ratty and I am thinking about replacing it with a used tank from a 72 /5 for $700.00 but would consider getting it refinished, painted and pinstriped if it could be done for less. Both fenders need refinishing as well. My closest BMW dealer is Max BMW in Brookfield, CT but I would prefer a local independent shop if anyone knows of one. Also, I currently have no rear tail lights although the brake and directional lights work. I'm not sure if the fairing wiring is the culprit. A previous owner added accessory outlets and switches for radar detectors, gps, etc., none of which seem to work. All advice would be very welcome.

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    Welcome to the boards Bob. Are you aware that we have a side car forum? It sounds like you bought a well set up rig if it has an Earles on it, even if it is a bit rough around the edges. How does it run; any major issues in that department?

    Replacing the head light could become a pricey affair. Is the original shell still on the bike? Likewise the tank. If it has any rust on the interior, or if the original red interior tank liner is chipped, peeling, etc. you'll want to strip the interior before you paint the exterior. Buying a restored tank vs. doing, or having the work done, is probably an even break; paint work isn't cheap. "Buying" a replacement is always a toss-up because you never know what you're really getting. By the time it's said and done you'll be looking at $700 either way. If your current tank is sound, I'd repaint it rather than buy another one. Just my $.02.

    The electrical issues.... are always a PITA. Here's a link to the MOA Resource & Links page; wiring diagrams are about 5/8 the way down the page. This is the one for the /6 (it's a huge file) >,1976.htm

    Post some shots of your rig, we'd love to see it.
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    Welcome, Bob! Where are you located? You can update your profile with that information. That might help with finding and independent mechanic. Contained in the links that Lew provided is a list of Airhead friendly shops. Look at the list and see if there's something near you that you can call and check out.
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