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Thread: Great Helmet Buying Experience/The Service Pavillion

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    Great Helmet Buying Experience/The Service Pavillion

    I wanted to buy a new helmet about 5 years ago when we lived in Indiana. We drove up to the International Motorcycle Show in Novi, MI as Arai and Shoei both were in attendance. I figured this way I would see all models in all sizes so I could properly fitted. At the time I was wearing an XL Arai Quantum and my wife had an M Icon Domain & M Scorpion helmet.

    We spoke with both the Arai and Shoei reps and they were both great but I found the Arai fit me better. The Arai rep explained to me nicely that my head was shaped in a way that limited my choices to their Profile model. My wife was told she would find the Profile would her best as well. He recommended we visit the Service Pavillion booth at the show and I could get individually fitted and purchase a helmet.

    We did make our way over to the booth and both got fitted for new Arai Profiles. When I say we were fitted they changed out the cheek pads until we had a perfect fit. This cost no extra like it would anywhere else where we would have to buy the bigger pads after the fact and put them in ourselves. This saves about $50. Getting properly and professionally fitted took us both down is size. I went from an XL to a M and she from M to S. If you understand the helmet shapes you will understand why it changed so drastically. I must add we both were fitted at motorcycle shops and never told about the different shaped or how to make them fit better. The advice was never shared as I figure the parts guys did not know any better.

    A year later I went up to the same show knowing The Service Pavillion would be there as I had an issue with my rear vent. Robert, the owner of The Service Pavillion took a look, removed the whole vent and found a rock stuck inside preventing the mechanism from functioning properly. He replaced the vent and sent me on my way free of charge.

    I remember stuff like that which is partly why I am telling you this story. The price I paid originally was equal to any online place with current stock. So I paid the same but got fitted which required pads I would have paid extra for anywhere else. So I saved money and got service after the sale. Is they what they mean by The Service Pavillion? I don't know but you get service and good service.

    So in the last 6 weeks we decided we needed new helmets. I have put 45,000 miles on that helmet in just the last 3-4 years so it was time. I called The Service Pavillion up in PA and spoke with Robert. They had our helmet specs on file with measurements so we could get fitted properly this time, that is freaking awesome. We spoke about helmets and I bought a new XD4 with 30mm pads at no extra charge (they don't come with that thicker pad from Arai). I paid the same as the online favorites but less when you factor in the pads.

    So why the story? My wife calls within a week of my purchase to buy a new helmet. They have her stuff in file so same story they fit her with different pads and ship it FedEx. She gets the helmet and guess what? My wife has a very premature senior moment and ordered the wrong color. It was her mistake as she admitted to me. Now if momma ain't happy then nobody is happy and she was not happy. She called yesterday after the helmet arrived and Robert exchanged the helmet out for what she wanted. Her helmet will arrive next week before out trip down to Monument Valley.

    Listen, most people are horrible at what they do and they can't spell customer service. If you are average in this world you are actually stand out as above average. The Service Pavillion is truly above average and has proved themselves to me over and over. It is important we support business owners who get it and take care of who takes care of them. They are riders and follow around the circuits so you can see them online at or in person at a Moto GP event if you are lucky enough to attend this year. Give them your support and regardless I will always make them my helmet provider. I am just a rider in Utah and not affiliated in any way. I am just a very satisfied customer. Thanks for letting me share.

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    Isn't it great when you get that level of service. You are prob a customer for life now. Funny everyone does not deal this way.
    I am too poor to buy cheap stuff, I need it to last forever (tewster2)

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