Little late getting this posted.

Hello Everyone,

This past labor day weekend... Wife and I rode Klaus (k16) To Bar Harbor from Maine. The plan was to make it to Nova Scotia. Well Base laid plans and all... We did make it to Bar Harbor... But that was it. So Much Rain in the Northeast these days it really slowed us down. Still we pressed on through the heaviest Rain I have ever ridden through... And to quote Ewin McGregor... "And I have ridden through a lot of Rain Let me Tell you"

But this time.. It was just intense and ever present..

Still.. Friday Morning had us out the door two hours later than we planned.. BUt the ride up Rt 30 through NY was really Nice. We rode To Burlington VT that night... Wanted to Take the Port Kent Ferry... but since we left two hours late.. That did not happen. But we did catch the Ticonderoga Ferry.. (last one 7pm.. )

Then we headed up to Burlington for a night at the Marriott Downtown.. (wife is not big on camping) Had a Nice Meal at the Farmhouse Tap and Grill. It was Really Good.. As was the local Brews we consumed.


Day 2 the plan was 89 to the Kangamangus Highway. With 5 mins of Leaving.. It Started... Heavy Rain.. We made.. but did not get to see much. THe road was really nice.. Just could not see.

We made it to Bangor Maine that day.. Really wanted to get there earlier than we did.. But we arrived.. Soaked through... Even through the Olympia...It was not that we were actually wet.. But more like damp on the inside.

Day 3 we planned to ride to the ferry from St John to Novia Scotia.. Did not happen... Weather was the driving factor to make us head south a day early. Glad we did as that was the nicest day. Rt 1 south from Bar Harbor... all the way to Bath.. Then 295 - 95 to a Holiday Inn in Boxborough Mass that I have stayed at for many years.

Day 4... The rain would not stop... Was planning a back road route from Mass to Pocono's PA where we live.. BUt No way.. So we headed down the highway.. Also not the best move...

I had one of the closest Calls EVER in my 30 + years of ridding. I was in the left lane... (so that I only had cars on one side) I was trying to Stay in front of traffic.. But the Rain was so heavy.. and Huge Lighting bolts flashing...

A car crept up on the right.. and hit a HUGE puddle in the middle of the road and Sent a wave of water Right into us... Directly into my face.. I could Not see Anything and we were going probably 55mph... I did not flinch a muscle.. just stayed my course and we made it.. about 15 mins later I had to stop under a bridge.. Something I almost never do.. But felt I needed to take a break... Another Bike.. Kawi ZX10 joined us.. We stood there under the bridge for about 20 mins. The Guy on the ZX had a girl on the pillion.. With ...Basically Nothing On. T-shirt?.Thin leather.. We could see she was freezing.. .The wife and I were totally covered...and we were still cold. I dug in the dry bag and found a plastic poncho and gave to here for at least some more rain protection.

We headed out back on the road. The rain let up never stopped...but no so heavy so we road home.

We did Enjoy Maine of what we could see of it. We plan to return in a few years.. Hopefully it will be dryer.