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Thread: 1990 K75. New bike (to me) and new to forum. Louisville, KY

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    1990 K75. New bike (to me) and new to forum. Louisville, KY

    I just got back into motorcycling after a 20 year hiatus. Previously I had owned two Snortin' Nortons but the riding it to working on it ratio was about 50/50. Not that I disliked working on the bike but the proportion was just not ideal.
    So I picked up a nice K bike. It's the low seat version and I probably would have been better served with the taller saddle but I just had to get back on a bike. Besides I think I can fix that minor issue.
    One thing I've noticed, car drivers seem to be more distracted than when I rode previously. I got a couple of fabric protective jackets that are way nicer than in the past. I'm looking forward to some nice trips in the future.

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    Welcome. The K75 requires as little ongoing maintenance as any bike I know of. I'm sure you will find the wrench to ride ratio a lot different than with the Nortons.
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    Welcome Allen!

    Check out the Flying Brick section of this forum for more tech info about your bike..Don't hesitate to dive in.


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    Two pictures

    image.jpgmy former rideimage.jpgmy current ride
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