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Thread: Is Waving To Fellow Bike Riders Still An Accepted Practice?

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    So... are we talkin' "high" wave, or "low" wave. Hight wave is pretty obvious, but low wave isn't so easy to spot, especially when there is a median strip between lanes.

    What I'm seeing here in Central California is the head nod; just a hint mind you. Too much and you're not cool...

    Growing up in southern Indiana, in the '60s, everybody waved at everybody regardless of whether you were on motorcycle or an International Harvester.
    "It is what you discover, after you know it all, that counts." _ John Wooden
    Lew Morris
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    Quote Originally Posted by lmo1131 View Post
    So... are we talkin' "high" wave, or "low" wave. Hight wave is pretty obvious, but low wave isn't so easy to spot, especially when there is a median strip between lanes.
    And don't forget the "lift your fingers from the clutch lever" wave. I've been known to use that one when seeing another rider as I'm setting up for a curve where a downshift is in order.

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    I always wave if I'm not too busy with traffic.

    The scooters love it and wave back pretty hard.
    The mopeds are always surprised and don't know what to do.
    I've had Harleys not wave but seldom.
    I've been surprised myself a couple times when cagers wave but then I've almost waved a few times from the car so I think I know what's going on.

    Every time I post, I'm waving to all you guys!
    Mike Marr
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    In Maine, the cruiser riders wave to you, the Goldwing riders don't. Go figure.
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    Wave, finger lift, or head nod...depends on where/when...I even wave to the cows when bored or they look interested

    Snobbiest no wave group was a mix of V-twins and a LOT of K 1600 GT/L's about two weeks back passing thru our locale...I figured they were too cool to wave to a bright red GSA...not even a single pillion wave, which was odd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
    ...I even wave to the cows when bored or they look interested
    Don't wave to the bulls.
    Mike Marr
    1978 Yamaha XS750 (Needs rings), 1996 BMW R1100RS, 2004 Honda CRF230F

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    It is my understanding that it's against Harley code to wave at non Harley riders. Those that do, likely have poor eyesight or have simply not noticed what you are riding. The cylinders on my R1150RS are fairly prominent as it has no fairing lowers. This makes my identity much easier to spot at speed, therefore I rarely receive a return wave.

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    Seldom wave. It means nothing.
    Kevin Huddy
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    I always wave & most wave back, Anybody know what the wave means ?.
    Dave Selvig
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    I usually give the wave; however, I will sometimes nod back if I can't remove my hands from the handlebars.

    It also took a while after getting back into riding--I rode dirt as a kid--to learn about the wave. With a lot middle aged folks getting into riding, it's possible they do not know about the wave. Or-as other people have said-just not experienced enough to let go of the handlebar to wave.
    Jeff in W.C.
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    Same experience here. . . Wave at everything but the pirates wave back about 1/2 the time. The closer they look to Blackbeard the less likely to wave, if dressed like normal folks I'd say they wave back as much as anyone. I call it the Captain Morgan syndrome

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    I don't wave because it might be someone from this site that I don't like!
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    I wave to anyone and everyone, regardless of their vehicle--if it moves, I wave to the pilot. Probably for the same reasons, I speak to folks when I meet them on the street or in the mall or in a business or wherever I meet them. If someone makes eye contact with me--and I am constantly looking at faces and eyes for that eye contact--then I speak, usually a simple "howdy" or "hello" or something similar. Likely comes from my upbringing in small communities, I've noticed that folks raised in larger cities are different from me in lots of ways.
    On the coast of Kansas
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    Well, it depends on if you are in the city or not, first.
    They what type of bike you are on, and what type of bike they are on. And a lot of other factors.
    It takes a long time to learn all the protocol of it.
    Give it a few more years and you should have it figured out.

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