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Thread: Is Waving To Fellow Bike Riders Still An Accepted Practice?

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    Is Waving To Fellow Bike Riders Still An Accepted Practice?

    My wife and I went for a nice country ride around the Sutter Buttes, (Northern California) over the weekend. I noticed the guys riding Harley Davidson's gave a return wave about half the time yet all other bike enthusiasts waved back with vigor.
    Is there a new code of ethics discouraging Harley owners to give a return wave?
    Are they just too cool or has this gesture of fellowship gone by the wayside?
    I know there a lot of Harley converts in this forum so come on now you can be honest.
    Jeff Anderson
    I ride a 2008 R1200RT

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    Your observations about the HD riders not waving is spot on.
    I live/mostly ride in So. Calif. I'm on an RT for now, soon to be a S1000R.
    Ive ridden on the street on and off for 45 years, and yes, the universal wave to fellow motorcyclists has changed in the last 5 years or so IMO. I've observed the same as you: HD riders wave maybe 40-50% of the time. Sportbike (and all others for that matter incuding sccooters) continue to wave enthusiastically/consistently. And again IMO, the HD crowd either thinks they're too cool to wave, or they are so inept at riding they can't remove on hand from the bars to wave? Or their chains or fringe stuff is caught on something on the bike and they can't move their hand to wave...I think I'll go with this one...LOL.
    So here's the position I've taken: I only wave at HD riders if they wave first-Courteous return wave I think.
    All other riders I wave at enthusiastically, no matter what machine theyre on (except HD of course), or wheter they wave or not.


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    I wave to everybody. Heck, I even wave to bicycle riders and people on lawn mowers. Don't really care if they wave back or not.
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    All the cruiser bikes look the same, sometimes I can tell the Harleys from the Hondas by the costumes worn. So I just wave at everything on two or three wheels. Even the guys who look pissed the whole time there riding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffd View Post
    I wave to everybody. Heck, I even wave to bicycle riders and people on lawn mowers. Don't really care if they wave back or not.

    I wave because it is polite. I am responsible for my manners and can't really do much about some other rider's - whom I have never met and may never meet except as bikes passing on the road.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    unless the are not respecting being a motorcyclist and riding in shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops. Then i can't condone their riding attire.

    Quote Originally Posted by brewmeister View Post
    I always wave WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    My girlfriend Wendy is in charge of the wave duties. Thats the bonus of riding two up. I think she waves at every body and everything, including cows, horses and chickens. Thats just her nature, and that why I love her. Some wave back and some don't,- motorcyclists that is, not chickens.

    And we always give a little wave to the slower riders or cars that we overtake.
    Mike Davis
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    Here in Virginia, all the Harley riders wave to me, and I wave back.

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    I wave when I see another rider.
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    Here in Eastern Oklahoma only about 30% of the Harley riders will return a wave to a non-Harley rider. Most do not even acknowledge there is another bike on the road.

    I grew up in the country and like others have said I tend to wave at everything including when I'm in my cage. It's just something we do out here in the sticks and I like it. Because I grew up with everyone waving at each other I get really irritated when a Hardley rider refuses to return a friendly gesture.

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    I always wave, more enthusiastic with good looking cows
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    I wave and agree with what Paul said - I can only be responsible for me. I think it is fun to wave to others that enjoy the sport or driving a motorcycle. After all we all have that in common.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdpc2 View Post
    unless the are not respecting being a motorcyclist and riding in shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops. Then i can't condone their riding attire.
    Your sig line states "just enjoying the ride." I find that funny, in light of the above statement. May one assume your philosophy does not extend to these others? Pity.

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    Ontario waves - mostly

    Some Harley riders don't wave, but many do, here in Ontario. Mostly everyone else too. I try to, but sometimes I am not looking at left side traffic and see a fellow rider when it's too late. Always makes me feel a bit ashamed.

    In Quebec, there seems to be many more riders than I am accustomed to. On the north shore between Montreal and Quebec City, it was an almost continuous parade. I got tired riding with just my right hand, and noticed few oncoming riders waved back. They must have felt the same way. When traffic was "normal ", the waving resumed. So, I think waving is normal in Quebec also.

    It recognizes we are looking out for each other and I find it very pleasant.
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    The wave.

    I wave to everybody.

    I think it is special when you get a return wave from someone in a boat or train.

    Wayne Koppa
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