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Thread: New MOA Charter Club Formation

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    New MOA Charter Club Formation

    The BMW riders in Tulsa, OK, are looking at forming a new, MOA chartered club. As an informal advisor to the "sponsoring dealership," I have some general questions about MOA club formation. Are most of your clubs informal organizations, or are you non-profit corporations or LLC organizations? There are likely pros and cons to any form of organization. I'm just curious about what other clubs have done.


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    Welcome! This subject might be best discussed in the Chartered Club area of the forum, but getting other OK members to see this might also help you move forward.

    I'd suggest that you could also contact Paul Mulhern - click on username Texpaul to send him a private message or email. He may also drop by this thread and give you some answers.

    If there's not much activity on this in a few days, I will move this to the Chartered Club forum. HTH...
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