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Thread: I love my new old bike

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    I love my new old bike

    My name is Kurt like the forum administrator and also like him I ride a 1978 BMW r100/7. I am new to the old BMW world and so far I am in love. My father in law has been a BMW rider for over 40 years but found himself unable to part with one bike, Henrietta. As other bikes came and went he always kept and loved her. About ten years ago the oil leaks and exhaust leaks on the over 200k bike got to be too much so he parked her in a climate and humidity controlled garage. Last November he saw how frustrated I was with the failures of my old Honda bike and offered me the keys to this beauty. I took her to my Dad's garage over Christmas and got started on the rebuild. My younger brother was about to deploy via the Army to Afghanistan so he, Dad, and I spent some of the best quality time I can imagine removing the ugly aftermarket faring, fixing some electrical issues, and rebuilding the motor. My brother deployed before she was finished but when we did finish I made sure to send him pictures and video of it and his 2 year old son and I putting down the drive for the first time. I rode her the 230 miles from Klamath Falls OR to Albany OR two weeks ago and I have not stopped smiling since. The weather seems to cooperate a few days a week and I am taking advantage of every bit of it. I used this forum as a great resource while doing the rebuild and I am excited to participate in it now.

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    Kurt -

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining! Nice to have another Kurt in the group. I hear there is a senator from Oregon with the same name??

    Sounds like a real labor of love on the R100/7. You should have some more good times enjoying the bike this summer.
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    I had an R80/7 that I LOVED! I share your excitement.

    In our busy world it's great to see such a positive story. Maybe you'll write something for our magazine?

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