Recently the k100 wasn't doing so well. It would sputter down the street. I thought it might be related to the new gas. The alcohol and all. Even though the pump octane hasn't changed it seems the going trend is to add more alcohol, the alcohol may not have the energy the old gas has. Maybe a petroleum person could explain the diff.
I checked the coils as they were original and they seemed ok, changed the plugs. The problem still persisted.
Seeing how the money was always short and, the bike keeps runnin strong. I decided to replace the coil with a stock 4 group C924 and added some connectors. The wires needed updating too. I needed to fab some brackets and its placement is not perfectly like the original but I noticed a big difference in smoothness.
Some say different coils may change the behavior of the control unit but mine still works. as always user discretion advised when replacing with non factory parts.
Saved a few dollars in parts at this points.
As always ride safe.