On the 6th of April (last Sunday) I saw you driving with a basket case airhead in the back of your vehicle or trailer....(can't remember because I was telling my 3 and 6 year old to chill out in the back of my car, when I glanced as you went by). You where driving a pickup truck in Katy TX, you were going north on 99 at the intersection of grandpark way (99) and 1093/Westpark toll road. It was sunday, overcast and it was around 3;30-4 in the afternoon. The basket case in your possestion was a mid to early 70s airhead with a huge barn door fairing and no gas tank, it looked dirty/dusty but from what I saw it was a 750cc or above model....not bad for a quick glance hehehe
Any way if you live in the area send me a PM, I live in the Katy area and drive an airhead, Id like to see that bike close up, talk shop etc.
I saw a guy in the area a few years ago on an airhead but have not seen him since. I ride blue /6.