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Thread: Gulf Coast BMW - Good Dealer Experience in Houston TX

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    Smile Gulf Coast BMW - Good Dealer Experience in Houston TX

    Hi guys,

    Last week our club had a ride to southeast Texas...around Sabine National Forest, Jasper TX. Gorgeous curves and sweepers.

    Had a tough time on Saturday...and that's where I want to tell you about Gulf Coast BMW, a dedicated shop.

    Here goes -

    Every so often good things happen, even when events are making for a bleak day. But this is a short recounting of what happened last week to me.

    Last week we had the Roads of Spring ride which a number of the local chapter participated in. The roads and the fellowship was excellent; no hyperbole, it was that good. Prior to departure I checked my bike, the tires, etc., with everything set to hit the road.

    The riding down on Friday was a day to practice finesse in riding. Saturday morning was an extension of the previous day, with the exception, I developed a rear tire leak caused by the tire wearing to the cords (see 'riding with finesse?). The leak was not a single-point leak but a series of micro-leaks following the arc of the tire.

    I placed a call to our local Fort Worth BMW shop and they guided me immediately to Gulf Coast BMW. I called them and Doug (Service Manager) immediately volunteered to stay open until I got there to replace my tires. But to get there would require my bike to be flat-bed towed.

    AAA helped me with my tow and the tow company showed up with a truck. The bike was secured and we were on our way to cover 131 miles to Houston from Jasper, TX. Along the way the truck hit a bump while making a turn and my bike fell on its side. I think the feeling you get in your gut when something like this happens is a ?klong??a hollow unpleasant feeling in your gut.

    The bike was righted and we were on our way (I?ll avoid any hyperbole how the ride went from there on).

    After 3 hours, we arrived at Gulf Coast BMW where the service department immediately took care of my bike and helped me get back to the group dinner that evening at 7P. Further below I?ll let you read what I submitted directly to Gulf Coast BMW for yourselves.

    Bottom line, if your travels take you down to Houston do stop by the Gulf Coast shop and say ?Hey!? to Doug. It?s a good place to be.


    PS - Here?s the thank you note I sent to Gulf Coast BMW earlier today. Typically when good things happen we tell one or two people; when bad things happen we tell ten! I wanted to change that ratio?promoting the good.

    "Special thank you to Doug and the Service Staff at Gulf Coast BMW, for quick repairs and a willingness to serve a wayward BMW traveler.

    Last week, March 29th 2014, I participated in the Roads of Spring ride with the BMW DFW club around Jasper Texas. The roads were fabulous, the curves ate up any remaining tire I had on my K1300GT.

    I developed a flat due to air leakage between the cords of the tire that showed and needed to be flat-bed towed. I called the Fort Worth BMW shop and they promptly suggested your location as the nearest qualified shop that could provide me with a new set of Michelin P3 tires.

    For purposes of brevity, I spoke with Doug and he understood the situation and volunteered to keep the doors open until I got there! It was an oasis for me...during the flat-bed tow, the truck made a turn, hit a bump and the bike fell on it's side. I was heartbroken.

    After a 3+ hour ride, 131 miles later we arrived and Doug and his team were ready to help me out and get me back on the road without any delay.

    The change of tires were done in about 1 hour or less. When I finally mounted the bike, the battery was dead or exhausted, which multiplied my level of exasperation...can you imagine? Again, the service group helped to get the battery going, enabling me to get back to the club dinner that evening in Jasper Texas by 7P, salvaging a simply horrible day.

    It was one heck of a day, but I am very appreciative the help Doug provided to me and how those within the department helped me out when I needed help the most.

    Many thanks again. Keep up the good work Doug and team...we need more people like you in our lives.

    Mike Valentin
    Azle, Texas
    BMW DFW Club

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    Gulf Coast BMW

    I am very pleased to hear about the service you got at my 100 mile away local dealer. Gulf Coast has been one of my favorites for years and I finally had an oportunity to buy an 09 GS from them after owning several used bikes. It is my idea of a real motorcycle shop not a boutique kind of place BMW was trying to force on dealers. The folks there are very friendly. They replaced the steering head bearings on my 1974 R90 and did a very good job. I like that it is a single brand shop now that their Triumph shop is located next door too. Nice of you to give them a compliment.
    P. Monk
    74 R90/6 (the Black Hole) Harvey couldn't kill it. . 09 R1200 GS, drowned in Harvey replaced by 2011 R1200RT. Wife, 1953 model survived aplastic anemia and a bone marrow transplant.

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