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Thread: 1987 K75S, tight valve.

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    1987 K75S, tight valve.

    I'm doing some long needed TLC to a 1987 K75S with 67,000 miles that includes a good tune-up. Since it's bucket and shims for the valves, I thought a thorough check of clearances was all that was required.

    The specs I have for intake clearances is 0.006" to 0.008", a universal intake dimension. Bear with me, I am now comfortable the specs are accurate. I use a 0.006" feeler gauge as my "Go" and the 0.008" as my "no Go"

    I get to #1 intake and I'm a "no Go" at 0.006". I'm a "Go" at 0.003" but close to a "no Go" at 0.004" and definitely 0.005" won't go.

    This is the intake so I doubt I've got a cupped valve, compression and leak down were great. I'm now concerned I have a pulled stem.

    The question: Do I change the shim to gain clearance or do I assume I have a pulled stem?

    Next question: Do these engines drop valves?

    There are some engines I'd be yanking the head and replacing all the valves if I saw this because I know they drop valves. Camshaft lobes don't grow. Add a moderate amount of wear to the camshaft lobe, maybe 0.001" max without case harden break through, I'm thinking this engine is necking the stem by 0.002".

    I feel like I'm gambling with this one and the only place I gamble is Vegas and I know I will loose there most of the time. I don't want to gamble on this one.

    Then again, I might be the only person that ever checked and it's been like that from the assembly line...........

    Thoughts? They are very much appreciated.
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    Change the shim. It is not uncommon for the intakes to tighten a little, however the exhausts have tightened more often on my 91 75RT. I would do all the valves and run it for 5000 miles or so and recheck.

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    Not a problem, change the shim. Valves and valve seats do wear with normal use causing the clearance to decrease.
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    these engines rarely drop valves. They need so little care owners usually neglect checking them for 50k miles and then they might burn a tight exhaust valve.
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    It is kind of unusual to have an intake tighten up that much without the exhausts moving. Maybe the last person that was in there made a mistake in calculating the shim, went the wrong way, and didn't double check after the new shim was in.

    Since it is YOUR first time inside this particular bike, I would reset them so that YOU are sure that they are correct and see where things go in about 5k miles. Have not heard of any K75s dropping valves. I wouldn't worry.

    Shims come in approx. 002" (.05mm) increments.

    If you don't already have the shim tools or don't want to spring for the more expensive ones because you don't anticipate using them much, there used to be a guy that was making them. Don't know if he is still making them. You'd need to call or email him first to check. The quality was good for keeping a couple of bikes in shape for their life time. If you were going to make your living doing valve adjustments, you'd want the better ones. Kind of a Snap-on vs Harbor Freight kinda deal.

    Here's my comunication with him from 6 years ago:

    Hi Lee
    Yes, I have BMW "K" engine Valve Adj tools available for the 2 valve "K" engine.
    The 2 Pieces are made from 3/16? Laser cut steel. Working contours are identical to factory tools. Tools are new. Tools come w/ instruction sheet.
    $27 S/H included.
    Clutch pilots for K's are available also. New, from steel
    $18 S/H included.
    ?Pay Pal? to Polepenhollow, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders and Personal Checks accepted.
    I ship as soon as Pay Pal is posted or the check arrives.

    Thanks, Good Luck and Good Riding.
    Kenneth Lively
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    I agree you need to get to a known base line. Without knowing the service history of the bike it is hard to tell what might be going on. My first K75 got one shim at 600 miles, and needed another (different valve) at 60K miles, then a third at 100K or so. It is possible that the seat moved a little and the valve hasn't been checked since that happened. In theory this settling in is all supposed to happen before the 600 mile service but; 1) it doesn't always happen that way, and 2) some frugal buyers neglect routine services.
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    Thanks for the advice, I'm going to take it and run

    Bringing the valve clearances to a known good value and running awhile makes sense.

    Tight intake valves on most engines would make me nervous but if dropping valves on this engine isn't likely, a few thousand miles should tell me if I have a problem. That might be entire season on this bike.
    1997 R1100RT (Restored Basket Case) , 1981 KZ 440 LTD (Restored Basket Case, my baby, fast, fun)
    3xR90/6, two just sold, one for a sidecar. 1983 K100RS (Cafe now)
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