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Thread: Oil Level Question 2008 R1200 GSA

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    Oil Level Question 2008 R1200 GSA

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an unusual question; I own a 2008 R1200 GSA that is new to me by about one year. I bought it with a fresh oil change from a dealer and have had the oil changed once by the dealer. The bike burns a bit of oil but not too much. I would top it off with about 2 oz. every 2 weeks or so. About 3 weeks ago I topped off the oil up to the top of the viewing port. Since then I have not seen the oil level move at all.

    I did contact the local dealers service dept. and they seemed to be as puzzled as I am as to what is going on.

    Any suggestions as to what is happening would be welcome.
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    Maybe you put more oil than you realized and over filled it.
    My guess is that it will eventually come back down.
    my 07 RT burns about 1/2 quart every 3000mi
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    You should not fill it that much. Time since you last rode, oil temperature, and how you park, will give different readings on different days. Aim for the middle of the window and if you see the line anywhere- near the top, near the bottom, or in the middle, it's OK. Right now, you don't know if it's overfilled.

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    Hi Sunseekr5 (real name? We're friendly here..)

    Per: - I'm adding the year/model to the thread title.

    Checking oil levels is something most people have their own routine for. Mine is - look at the oil window once in a while in the garage after the bikes sat overnight. If I see oil - good to go. Other people will mention BMW's oil-check routine, which they sort of make a religion out of. BMW has changed their routine a few times - so it's a variable IMHO.

    The important thing - is there oil? Check it the same way every time. I wouldn't obsess over the oil being at the top of the window. There is ample space above the top of the oil window and any spinning parts in the crankcase.

    BMW considers consuming a quart in 1000 miles "normal" - most hexheads/camheads do MUCH better than that (mine now is zilch consumed in 6,000 miles.) It does take a while for them to fully break in. Most will stop consuming oil anywhere from 10,000-50,000 miles. BTW - it might be better if we knew the miles instead of the time between level checks, or adding oil. If the bike hasn't been ridden - it could go for a year or more without the level changing at all.
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    Thank you to all who replied to my question. The motorcycle has about 81,000 miles and still runs great. (Though it may need a battery before too long.) I ride it nearly every day for commuting to work and other places so it sees plenty of use. Since I am in Florida I use it all year round.

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    When I bought my 08 GSA, they told me to put it on the side stand for 5-10 mins. so oilcooler could drain down, then check it on the center stand. I hope you like yours as much as I like mine. Happy riding.
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    The important question here is - Is the oil level really just at the top of the window, or is the level somewhere above the window and unknown? I think it's important to know the difference.
    Someone could be used to owning a bike that took say, 4 quarts and now their present bike only takes 3 quarts with an oil change, but due to habit they put in 4 quarts. Or they filled it from a 5 quart container and stopped to answer the garage phone and then restarted filling and over filled it. Etc.

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