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Thread: New member intro

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    New member intro

    RickeyG from DeLand, FL here. After owning 2 Airheads and 7 other bikes, I just picked up a 2014 R1200RT. I figure that will be my last bike, it should last me until I can't ride anymore. Going from an Airhead to the Wethead is like going from Fred Flinstone's ride to George Jetson's! An amazing bike. And, yes, all my Airhead buddies tell me I made a terrible mistake. I sure hope they are wrong.

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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you posting.

    We need a pic of new bike or it didn't happen.

    Remember, all of your airhead buddies are "Simple By Choice" so they may not appreciate your latest ride.

    Thanks for being a member.

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    Welcome aboard! With the new Wethead we have been able to start a collection of DIY's in our Wethead section-enjoy.
    Any questions, just ask.
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