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Thread: All the K75 Tech Videos that Fit

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    All the K75 Tech Videos that Fit

    Below is a collection of Youtube videos that I've ran across lately. I centered on the K75, but there were some K100 videos that snuck in. Feel free to add any that I've missed. I'll attempt to keep this updated. is a place where you can download Youtube videos and save them to your device (very nice since these videos could disappear at any time).

    A super special thank you to: Chris Harris, Alan Sykes, Paul C, djverhulst for taking the time to share these will the community.

    Pre-buy inspection of splines

    What happens when you don't lube your splines:

    This is why splines fail

    Better Spline

    Spine Lube Videos

    Cut video:

    Full Video - 6 parts






    Another 3 part video on the splines:
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Steering Head Bearings:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Another steering head bearing video set:
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    RT Mirror Replacement
    Heated Grip Repair

    Fuel Cap Rebuild

    Build your own service box:

    Fuel Filter (For k100)

    Another fuel filter vid:

    ABS Clearing

    Removing Rear Disk
    Cut Drive train and clutch referb

    Replacing Spark Plugs
    Front Tire Replacement

    Rear Tire
    Air Filter Replacement and Removing Tank

    Oil Change:
    Clutch Cable Change

    Fork Rebuild


    Valve clearance check:

    Using the valve shim tool
    New Brushes for Starter:

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    Welcome to the forum, thanks for the effort
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    I second that! And I've cataloged your post in the Resources and Links for future needs.
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    Thank you for posting this information. I'll be certain to check some of these out in the next couple of weeks.
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    I certainly would not have tackled the last few maintenance tasks I did had I not seen those videos by Chris and Paul. The videos complemented with a reference manual (Haynes, Clymer, or BMW) and the wealth of knowledge on this forum and one is pretty much good-to-go for many DIY maintenance and repair jobs.
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