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Thread: towing a R1200RT

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    I realize the bikes are different, so I wondered how much. This is from the RT manual. It is pretty much as the manual from my R1200R shows, and also my new bike too (F700GS). They suggest using the handlebars (fork bridge) and compressing them. I think Paul's way will work too, and I can see the benefit of having the bike ride on its suspension.

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    Tie down instructions are in your owners manual.

    Run the straps through the gaps in the front a-arm and around the handlebars just each side of center and cinch the bike down on its suspension as much as you can.

    Put the rear straps through the frame loops at the passenger pegs.

    There is zero/zip/nada advantage to letting the bike bounce on its suspension. The only suspension you need working back there is the one supporting the trailer.

    Fwiw, this duplicates the instructions provided with the multi trailer BMW marketed for a few years in the early 2000s and applied to any BMW. The explanation is that the lower the center of gravity the better and that equals cinched down.

    Your bike came from the factory cinched down on its suspension in the crate and it didn't hurt it and the notion it could is silly. Any new shock you buy is likely to have its ends connected by wire to compress it to its minimum length.
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