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Thread: Faulty R1100 GS sensor???

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    Faulty R1100 GS sensor???

    I started my 95 1100gs with no problem and after about a minute the engine died with no apparent reason... I tried to start it again but there was no power at all...only the revs needle stayed up and there was a noise coming from the fuse box.....I opened the box to try to locate the noise and I believe it comes from one of the three relays .....I will really appreciate any input or advice on this matter ....

    is this a common problem?
    how can I be sure what the problem is without having to take it to the shop?
    would you recommend to do it myself?

    anything helps....thank you!

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    I think the HES wiring (Hall Effect Sensor) which is the crankshaft position sensor has failed. It is likely you are getting erratic fuel injection squirts and erratic spark. I would minimize key-on time to avoid flooding the cylinders with fuel from the errant squirts.
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    About the starting and running for a minute... I get the impression you weren't riding. How long would you have let it run if it hadn't shut itself off? I've seen engine damage, including HES damage, from people letting the motor run too long without riding.
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