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Thread: "Check Engine Oil"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
    Were you going downhill when you got the Check Oil warning? They seem to come on sometimes when going down a steel hill.
    That's pretty common at least on the hex and camhead bikes, but only if the oil was low. I suppose the same could happen if the wetheads have a high oil sensor and you had been on a hill and tripped it.

    Either way, if you can see the top of the oil in the sight glass, you're likely ok. Still may be worth swinging by the dealer and telling them what happened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sully1200 View Post
    I appreciate your comment and answered it on the other forum, but I thought it would be beneficial to post here, as well, for others to see. You're probably thinking the same.

    I wonder if that's it. I was going down a steep off-road hill and noticed it came on sometime after that.
    Oh, ok. I don't cycle through the many forums often enough to have seen your response there. No worries. Mine has come on while I have been stopped at a stop sign on a steep down hill, and my level has been ok. As soon as I motored off, it turned off within a minute or two.
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