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Thread: Clock resets to 0:00 when starting

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsuited View Post

    My R1150RT did exactly that, having the clock reset, a few days before the battery got so low it wouldn't start, which was thankfully at home and not out on the road.

    From my experience, you need a new battery.

    Exactly my experience too with my '04 RT-P, only I wanted to see if a long ride would charge the battery so off I went. Then I suddenly got stuck in a stop and go traffic jam after some yahoo flipped his SUV. And I got tired and stalled it. And yes, it wouldn't restart. I pushed it and got off the highway and rested at the exit. Pushed it a couple blocks to a slight downhill and pushed started it and came right home. Exhausted.
    Lesson learned.

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    04 R1150RT... Clock reset

    It happened back to back mornings. Clock reset but the bike started. I'm glad I found this thread.

    Going to look online for a new battery

    Thanks for this thread

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    04 R1150RT

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    Thumbs up Time for new Batt

    ....My RT did the same thing.....I did NOT heed batt fail @ Sedalia rally........I bought the ONLY batt at rally from Gateway....they saved my butt.......shame on me....
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    I have one of these with my RT all the time now.
    I also ran a heavy cable to the battery under the seat so I can jump start without taking the plastic off.

    I also use it to charge my phone at night when camping at rallies.

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