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Thread: R1200 GSA final drive to Rear u joint

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    R1200 GSA final drive to Rear u joint

    Recently I have lubed the rear splines during a tire change. The tire was balanced( and rechecked) but there is what appears to be a driveline vibration. I do not see any indexing marks on the rear u joint to the final drive spline although there are some marks mixed in with the numbers on the Final drive spline. Do these two need to be indexed? Haynes manual says save original position But when the boot came apart so were the splines. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Dunno why Haynes says it has to be indexed - there is no reason to and no way to. You didn't mention what year or the miles on your GS - be worth posting. Some people have experienced failure of the rear U joint (much more common than the front one).

    If I was getting vibration I'd drop the rear drive down again, and inspect the U joints on the driveshaft - front and rear. You can pull the driveshaft on a GS without removing the swingarm. You're looking for smooth motion in all planes of movement, with just a tiny bit of resistance. Any notchy movement means a bearing is going bad. There are a few shops that have been mentioned in other threads here that can replace the U joints on these shafts.. otherwise it's $$$ to BMW for a new one.
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