I have organized a ride this Sunday with members of the K1600 forum and also invited those on the BMWLT forum and didn't want to leave this group out. The ride is on Angeles Crest HWY and includes a couple of stops to socialize and eat. It is open primarily to K1600 riders, but any roundel will do. Details below and please know that all updates are in the K1600 forum (including .gpx files) in this thread: http://www.k1600forum.com/forum/sout...22-3-23-a.html.

Here is an overview of the ride.

Here are the details on the Sunday, 3/23 ride. Addresses are included as waypoints in the attached .gpx files. Overview maps are also included as attachments. If you need assistance with importing routes into your GPS, or want a set of printed instructions, please let me know.

Best I can tell the 2 HWY is still closed from Islip Saddle to 5 miles West of Big Pines. It may or may not be open on Sunday. The Caltrans website states that you still need chains on the 2 HWY. According to the staff at Newcomb?s this is not true and there is no snow on, or near, the road. Because of the potential closure I have included two routes: one if open (ACH-Islip Open.GPX) and one if closed (ACH-Islip Closed.GPX) as a backup. Import both into your GPS and we?ll use whichever one is appropriate.

Currently temps are scheduled to be in the 50s, so dress accordingly and, more importantly make sure your pillions are dressed appropriately.

Sweep/Tail Gunner: If you have a FRS or GMRS radio connected to your comm system AND don?t mind riding sweep/tail gunner (last rider in the pack) please see me prior to the brief.

Advanced Party: if you and a buddy would like to be our ?advanced party? at Newcomb?s and/or Grizzly, please let me know. Advanced party personnel will depart a few minutes early and secure our table/location at the next stop.

10:00 am: Group breakfast/coffee (for those interested) at Hill Street Caf? in La Canada. Two gas stations are located within one block of Hill Street Caf?; so don?t forget to fuel up PRIOR to the ride brief. I?ll reserve a large table for whoever wants to join us and will be wearing a white and blue BMW baseball cap.

10:45 am: Movement to empty cul-de-sac adjacent to Jay?s Shell station (one block from Hill Street Caf?).
11:00am: Ride Brief
11:05am: KSU

Both routes have us stopping at Newcomb?s Ranch and Grizzly Caf? for socializing, eyeing each other?s bikes, famous hot chocolate and, of course, more eating. Since this is the first time many of us are riding together the plan calls for stopping at both locations for one hour. That?s great for planning purposes but we will leave whenever the majority of the group is darn good and ready (earlier or later).

Radio frequencies (for those that have them):

Main Ride Channel: 462.5625 (no privacy codes)
Alternate Ride Channel: 462.6250 (no privacy codes)
See this thread if you need help figuring out which channel that is on your radio: http://www.k1600forum.com/forum/bmw-...omparison.html

I will be carrying a basic first aid kit, air compressor, plug kit and small set of tools.

My contact info:
Stephen Green
sgreen at teamgreenrealty dot com
Cell: 818.588.6476.

I look forward to seeing/meeting you!