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Thread: K100RS for Touring?

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    Mid-80s is when these bikes first arrived. That is, there were no "early-80s" Ks.

    They had some "teething troubles" to be worked out. The newer the better applies as usual.

    One problem not mentioned is that they were subject to vapor locking in Summer at high altitudes.

    Lots has changed since then, including available fuel.

    There were some factory mods to cool the fuel tank.

    One guy in our club made up a fuel cooler (radiator) for his.

    Good to have knee pads on the fuel tank.

    For the most part as regards early Ks, you'll find similar year Airheads worth more on the used market, although they didn't start out costing as much. Problems with new BMWs these days are trivial in comparison to what buyers of new Ks experienced.
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    If you really want an early "brick" I highly recommend a K1100 vs the K100. Way less buzzy, with upgraded suspension and Brembo brakes (same as the K100 16V). The 94 and later have ABS II which is a significant improvement over ABS I. I've had several of them, both RS and LT (full Fairing). Great, solid bikes, but they do still have the heat issue off the cyl head/exhaust on the left side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deilenberger View Post
    .... the engine generally has a very relaxed feel to it even at silly high speeds that makes it great for touring.
    I have looking for a good description of the RT motor and now I have found it.
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    I first rode this model back when they were current. Coming from an R100RS, the K-model did not suit me in the least. It was heavy and it irritated my hands due to the vibrations. Fast forward many, many years and I found myself in a situation similar to yours; I came upon a bike with low miles that was priced for a quick sale, as they say. I bought it.
    I'm in my autumn years, 6'3", 215 lbs and I have long arms. I can ride my bike all day with very little discomfort. I never felt the need for a Laminar Lip (actually, the OEM arrangement is the same design, only it is adjustable). The vibes are not a problem for me, a mystery of sorts, since one rarely becomes tougher and more resilient with old age. I chalk it up to differences from bike to bike. Mine must be smoother than most. I had Rocky Mayer rebuild the saddle, I fitted heated grips and some extra instrumentation and I think I can safely assume this could easily be my last touring bike. It sure works for me, even during the heat of summer here in arid southern Idaho, and over the high passes of Colorado in years past.
    Really, the only thing to do is ride the bike you're thinking of buying. Give it an honest test under your own butt and then decide whether you can imagine bonding with it or not. In today's used bike market there are some fantastic deals on these old K-bikes!
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    I'm 5'11 and my '88 fits me like a glove. Yes, the wind noise is a little loud, but I always wear ear plugs. Some good points have been brought up concerning windshields and lips. As far as buzz, I've been on worse bikes. While I enjoy the more forward position of the RS, my aging body is telling me otherwise. I foresee a bar swap or risers in the future. As far as heat goes, I got used to it, plus I wear a 'Stich.

    There's a lot of good info already posted. Great job, all.

    "Lucky" and I have put on many, many miles together. In fact, I've put more miles on her then any other bike that I have owned or own.
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