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Thread: R1200GS ('05) Speedo & rear brake -What's the connection?

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    Question R1200GS ('05) Speedo & rear brake -What's the connection?

    While riding a debris covered paved path yesterday a stick got wedged into the brake pedel. Easily removed. Thereafter I got the flashing brake warning light and a dead speedo/odometer. Front brake is fine though no rear brake. Fluid level seems fine. Where do I start? Anyone else had a similar experience?

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    Inspect the wire to the rear wheel speed sensor. Looks like a black rubber plug on the top left side of your final drive. Inputs from that sensor activate the speedometer and ABS system. Sounds like the wire might have been torn loose.
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    Chris, the same sensor that measures rear wheel rotation for ABS operation (the brake tie in) supplies the signal for the speedo. The wire is routed down the plastic tube/cover on top of the paralever torque arm. The sensor looks like this (the view is with rear and brake caliper removed).

    That's just to give you and idea of where it is. I don't think you need to remove anything to follow the wire as best you can. There is a connector -- I think close to the rear of the transmission, not sure -- that might have come loose.

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