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Thread: 2012 R1200RT: can't get a good throttle body sync (paging JVB!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by holygoat View Post
    Thanks for the continued input, all. Before I start spraying flammable stuff around, I figured I'd inspect hoses. Can someone tell me if the left side intake should look like this? Because the right side doesn't.

    That's a thumbprint-sized, somewhat soft dip in the top of the hose.

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    While there might be some reason for the RT to be different from an R - that doesn't look right to me. The tubes going to the TB's on an R1200R have no such dimple in them. I think if it was me - I'd be looking closer at this (removing some bodywork and doing a careful leak check.)
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    I called the dealer, and the non-expert on the other end felt it was worth looking at, particularly under warranty. It'll go in next week, and we'll see what they say!

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    quote "Can someone tell me if the left side intake should look like this? Because the right side doesn't." quote

    My right side has that same type of dimple on my 11 R1200GSA. No adverse affects so far
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    A small dimple in an intake by itself can't possibly make any noticeable difference in air flow that you could detect by riding.

    The only way it could make any difference if it was caused by impact or abuse that also caused a sizeable leak.

    But this appears to be normal shape, not damage.

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