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Thread: 2013 R1200RT how much oil gulping is too much?

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    I have a 2013 RT. Broke it in per guidelines in the Owners Manual. It used about half a quart per 750 miles for the first 6K miles and then tapered off. At 13K miles now, oil use is negligible. I run semi- syn 15W50.

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    I have a 2012 RT bought new. The bike burned approx 1 quart of oil from 17,800 to 24,700 (6900 miles) on my last trip. I cannot complain as the oil consumption is improving as the miles add up. I tried to break it in hard but living in SE Michigan, it's flatlander territory, so the engine loafs even at 70-80 mph. I believe this motor needs to be broken in riding some good hard mountain passes. Lots of up, down, acccelerate up long grades and compression braking on long downhills. I think my oil consumption would be better if I had not switched to synthetic at 12K miles.

    I sure am enjoying the ride tho.
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    my 2013 RT purchased last July used near nothing in the first 600 miles....then about 1 qt to 6000miles....3/4 qt to 12000miles...less than 1/2 qt to 18000miles and now at 20000miles it has not used any measurable amount....i do ride the bike pretty hard and accelerate pretty hard, love the power...last oil purchased from the dealer was BMW branded full-syn from Spectro.....previous was BMW branded semi-syn prolly from Castrol....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave View Post
    As far as RPM range, I commute with it a lot and there's just so much I can even get it out of second gear around here. I'd love to twist it around the Alps but I live in New York so whatcha gonna do...

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    Ride up-state. You have mountains in New York, a bunch of them. I had to drive from WI to enjoy your mountains. I found the rides absolutely beautiful. You're lucky to live there.

    My 2011 RT burned 1/2 quart every 1000 mikes then suddenly stopped at 16,000.


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    When i picked up my GS last year it had 14 miles on it, i took it to the local HD shop and put it on the dyno rig. (high dollor rig), locked it in at 5000rpm with a 70% load on the rear wheel, another words the grip was twisted 3/4 throttle and the motor was working its but off for 3hrs. (250 miles), it used a half a quart of oil during that time. now no oil consumption at all, zip nada. run em like ya stole em and speed safely, it might work for your bike to. they only charged me 50 buks. not only that, talk about piece of mind. i know without a shado of a doubt that the bike will carry me from the southern most tip of mexico on up to prudoe bay AK without any hicups.
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    According to my dealer, burning less than 1 quart per 1000 miles is considered normal by BMW
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dann View Post
    According to my dealer, burning less than 1 quart per 1000 miles is considered normal by BMW
    BMW can call a quart per 1k normal but in today's engines I think that is a bit much. I wonder if they will change those numbers with the water boxer. For the record my 2010 RT does not use oil between changes and it was ridden from day one like it was broken in.

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    The biggest cause of some bikes using oil is the owner- being excessively hyper about oil level and constantly adding oil that gets burned off.
    Just get in the habit of checking in the morning before riding once in a while and I'll bet your consumption decreases. Checking after a ride has a strong propensity to cause worriers more warts..

    Mine (08 RT) used some in the first 600, about the same amount in the next 4K, and pretty much stopped before 6K. Now, about 5 years and 40+K miles more, I only check it once in a while- like before leaving on a couple thousand mile run- uses zilch (nothing I would claim to be able to measure reproducibly) between changes.

    Now, about your claim that an "oil" search failed to produce any results here...REALLY?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkraus View Post
    Try to spend more time with your revs up above at least 3000. The bike will be more responsive, run smoother, stop burning oil sooner and get better gas mileage. I put several thousand miles on mine before I figured this out. Third gear usage generally starts between 25-30mph, fourth around 40mph, fifth above 50, sixth at least 65mph but only if I'll be cruising at a steady speed for a few miles. I used to run down around 2000 rpm but found acceleration was poor if I needed to maneuver quickly. Better mileage at higher rpm confused me for a while but I think the engine just runs more efficiently if it is not straining at a lower rpm.
    yeah. the oil incident happened over the weekend. Tomorrow will be my commute day with the bike so i'll definitely open it up tomorrow. ALSO my sargent seats came in! get to test those out too woo hoo!

    anyways... u know whats annoying? Having the site glass on the other side of the oil fill reservoir

    pour, stand up, walk to other side, check, walk back, pour, stand up, walk to other side, check, walk back...

    *sigh* first world problems

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    Fwiw the oil consumption on my bike, '12 RT, is getting better now that my bike has 14k miles. Since the 12k mile service the bike has consumed less than half a liter.

    From everything I have researched, there are a lot of threads here and on other forums, the boxer engine can take up to 18k miles to break-in and stop consuming oil. I am looking forward to that time.

    Here is another thread on the topic:

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    Synthetic or?

    The only thing I'll add is what kind of oil are you using? I have an 08 RT ( 30k+ ) that drinks synthetic like someone else is paying the bar bill. On semi I use about a quart in 6k.

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    I'm using the BMW semi 15x50 as recommended by Max BMW at the first service.

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    R1200RT oil

    On my second R1200RT 05 and now 09. Rode them both from the get go like I stole them. Use only Amsoil ? synthetic only check oil when engine is hot after sitting 2 or so minutes. Never used any oil 32K on the 09.Suggestion put fresh 30W non synthetic in and ride it hard for 3 or 4 hundred miles. Change oil and filter to Synthetic. Mat stop oil consumption no Guarantees.

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    2013 R 1200 RT - no oil consumption. Oil change at 600 mile service - still holding the center line.
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    My 2008 RT gulped oil like yours for the first 10,000 Km (6000 miles). My Wife's 2007 RT has never used any at all. Same engine, and I broke in both bikes the same way per the RT manual.
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