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Thread: Never been to Michigan

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    Quote Originally Posted by MUNMI View Post
    I sure hope you mis-typed this. East of Munising is fresh (2010) blacktop to Grand Marais and is one of the best rides I have been on in Michigan. The problems arise East of Grand Marais about 3 miles when the pavement ends, gravel for about 20 miles to Muskallonge Lake State Park.
    Sorry - should have said East of Grand Marais - thanks for catching it.

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    Michigan Roadways use caution!

    I will add another post warning of potholes or road irregularities after our harsh winter. I would be very careful traveling at night. I have seen some huge holes along the center lines and seams on the interstates around here. Very deep and long potholes in otherwise good expressways. They will swallow a motorcycle wheel. I think the two lane roads are in better shape. I gave up riding at night unless I am totally familiar with the road. Tons of deer, racoons, possums at night. I read where Michigan has the 3rd highest number of deer strikes in the US.

    On the good side anywhere near the lakes is spectacular. Beautiful views along the NW coast of the LP. Some decent views in the UP near the water. Lots of festivals, etc.
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