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Thread: Oilhead Newbie

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    I contacted the service guy at the dealer where the work was done on the bike and he said that the 'output shaft seals, clutch slave cylinder and clutch plate' were replaced at 20765 miles (now has 23000). He didn't have any more info on it except that it was done at the end of 2011. So...maybe a leak that oiled the clutch plate? Hopefully not spline wear. I'll check it when I take the fairing off. Just putting it in gear and rocking the rear wheel there does not look to be excessive play, probably less than on my airhead. We'll see...
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    Sounds like the clutch slave or shaft seal leaked and ruined the clutch plate. Beemerboneyard is a great place to buy parts and they give MOA members a discount. A happy customer and not related etc.

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    I've really enjoyed mine. So good a ride I haven't been able to let it go. Bought at 32K, now at 60K. Had intermittent low volume horn annunciation. New battery fixed... Had an intermittent kill problem which turned out to be frayed wire at the base of the ingnition switch. Diagnosed here... Had a weird fuel problem, engine bogged and almost wouldn't run. Turned out to be a fuel filter clogged from charcoal, which in turn caused the fuel pump to burst... Was cruising at warp 7 one day, and started to lose power. Barely made it home. Torched exhaust valve, so I had top end rebuilt(diagnosed here)... Started one morning and had no headlights. Commond ground burned through (diagnosed here). Had replaced with a more apropriate piece of wire. Every time I get on it, I forget the issues and just enjoy the ride.
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