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Thread: Missing a lot of Riding. My seat in a limbo Rick Mayer Cycle

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    It is evident by the above stories, if you drive in you get priority attention.
    Curious. Just an observation; literally every auto parts store I have ever been in answers the phone ahead of customers standing in front of the counter... whassupwidat?
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    Happens to me all the time. I just thought all those folks had to be way more interesting than me.

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    Getting off topic with the phone manners but...way back when I owned a retail business, my answering machine message was as follows...."Thanks for calling---our business hours are 'blah blah blah...' If this call is during those hours, we are assisting customers who have came to the store. If you would leave your name and number, we will call you back ASAP, or if you would like, you can come to our store and receive the same service that the other customers are receiving right now. We look forward to helping you which ever way you choose. Thanks for calling'...Never got one complaint from customers for this system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lmo1131 View Post
    Curious. Just an observation; literally every auto parts store I have ever been in answers the phone ahead of customers standing in front of the counter... whassupwidat?
    Yes, they do answer the phone and then say, "Can you please hold?" While they finish taking money from the customer standing in front of them. Apparently the retailer being considered here doesn't pick up the phone...or does and asks the customer to call back in a month?
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    I followed one of your suggestions, I called my credit card company and dispute the charge, see what happen, hope that will get Rick Mayer's attention.
    Also I filed a complain with Red Bluff, CA. Better Business Bureau I want my 2012 r1200rt seat shipped back to me.

    Thanks again for all your input.


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    I would have waited till I got my seat back before commenting on service. Can't imagine that this will help.

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    I had a seat built on by Rick Mayer on a ride-in several years ago and at that time he said he put one day each week aside for ride-ins. I was happy with Rick and the seat but since then tried to purchase an item thru the mail and could get no response or the product until I called the manufacturer of the product.

    Customer service seems to be at the bottom of his list of priorities. Too bad.

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    missing riding

    I regret that my personal changes have affected my business-after 32 years I filed for divorce in January and had to relocate my shop-and redefine my life to a large degree-I regret that a number of customer orders have been affected during this change. It has been a personal struggle of mine to regain some sense of order, and I hope the community at large, and Mr. Garcia and others whose ship date is overdue in particular will not only grant some degree of compassion, and understanding, but also enjoy their saddle in the end. I intend on shipping all orders scheduled for February by the end of the month, and by mid April be fully caught up so that everyone can enjoy their motorcycles once again.

    I have been in the community a long time, yet I know for each customer that does not know me, their first experience is the one they will most likely remember and in that regard I regret any less-than-positive experiences.

    Thank you all for your understanding.

    Quote Originally Posted by 9w510 View Post
    Just to vent my frustration... After talking with Rick Mayer last December we agreed on me sending my 2012 R1200RT seat and paying for the modification service. Both payment and seat shipping were made in December.
    This is copy of e-mail message I got from him January 24:
    Hi Mr. Garcia I see your saddle was started in mid December-however the move over Christmas effected our schedule and I see it is on track to ship next week-I apologize for the extended delay. You will see a tracking # when we have it boxed. Regards and thank you for your patience.Rick

    After numerous phone call messages, he left me a message on March 3, saying that he will finish my seat Friday 7 and will call me with the tracking number.
    As of today March 13 and more phone calls messages from my part I have not heard anything from Mr. Mayer.
    I don't know how to express my frustration with this kind of service, let alone three months of not riding --I live in El Paso, Tx. I can ride almost all year around---
    Can't enjoy my retirement just because this______kind of business. Obviously I do not recommend you engage on this kind of deals.
    If anyone by any chance knows Rick or have ideas as to how to make him complete his part of the deal, pleas PM me.
    Thank you
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    Too bad on the "personal" front, that you had to file for divorce. Not a path anyone wants to be on, for sure. Really hope calm is restored in short order...for all. And then again, it would have been to the "business'" favor had this short message been sent two to three months ago...especially to those customers who had been waiting and waiting. Life goes on.
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    Sorry this thread brought the public into your personal life. It's truly nobody's business but thanks for being upfront of what has impacted your life/business. Hope things settle into the new "normal" for you and your business.

    For those who never have gone down the path of separation/divorce after a long term relationship...good for you...for those who have, you should have some compassion for the overall world upside down chain of events that accompany that major life changing event.

    As repeat customers, we still support your business and will continue to use your products. Helen in particular has had a very good experience with all her purchases and dealings with you.

    I believe you have answered the OP's and others questions.

    Thread Closed
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