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Thread: Hit a Deer!

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    Hit a Deer!

    July 21 1:30 in the afternoon just left Yellowstone on the Beartooth Highway going to the Rally [did not make it]. Hit a deer going 60 mph, straight road, nice weather, totaled the bike [2002 r1151r]. I am ok except for road rash and a purple elbow. Protective gear works: helmet, gloves, mesh jacket, boots, the jeans did not do so well tho. In the 40 years of riding [mostly Colo. where I live] I've never had a deer run in front of me. I am a little shook up and was putting this out for some encouragement! My family thinks I shouldn't ride any more, but I do love it!
    Thanks, Larry Kelderman
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    [I just turned 64]

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    There are very few serious riders who don't from time to time question if they should continue riding. This can happen because of a particular incident like in your case or just out of the blue. There is no wrong decision. If you continue, great, if you decide to stop, that is a fine decision also.

    Glad you are ok.

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    I've only killed three with bikes. For a while I was waiting for the DNR to try to ticket me for hunting out of season. Seriously, glad you're OK. Only you can determine if and when it's time to stop riding.
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    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Glad to hear that you are okay. You can also be injured or killed if you hit a deer with your car also. They can slide over the hood and crash through your windshield. My opinion is that there are way too many deer roaming the landscape, and the hunting season is too short.

    I live where there is a large population of deer and bear. I see about a dozen deer up close and personal each year. Sometimes I see up to 50 deer in a group. I have a couple techniques on avoiding impacts. Sometimes they work, and sometimes I am lucky to get around them without hitting them. For me it's a game of Russian Roulette. Driving at night, dusk, or dawn is the worst. Safer during the day, but still not guarantee. As you well know.

    Statistically, your odds of having an accident by hitting an animal is small when compared to other ways of having a motorcycle accident. You are far more likely to have an accident because you are distracted, then from hitting a deer. This time it was just your unlucky day. I wouldn't be discouraged by your bad luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 23217 View Post
    You can also be injured or killed if you hit a deer with your car also. They can slide over the hood and crash through your windshield.
    +1 -- a friend's grandfather was almost killed when a deer came through the windshield and ended up in the back of the station wagon he was driving.
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    You may need cycle therapy. Can you borrow a bike to ride and see how you feel about it? You may feel anxious the first mile or two but that should pass. I suspect you will be fine with many enjoyable miles still to ride in your life.

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    I am so glad, as I am sure you are, that you were wearing some protective gear. That decision may have well saved your life. The next decision about riding again only you can make. My recommendation would be to do so only if you have a peace about it. If you remain worried and doubtful then stay off until the peace returns. If it doesn't then so be it. If it does then keep making good decisions about your riding habits and gear to minimize injury and enjoy. Forty years riding in Colo with one deer strike seems to be a good record to me. But that doesn't mean it will be another forty until the next one.

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    Glad you are OK

    So glad you are OK. Was a little worried for awhile, when you sent me the text " Hit a deer, in the hospital in Cody but OK. I guess that could be a oxymoron. But soon after your text said you were at the tow yard. So I took it that OK was really OK.
    The reply's to your thread, are all very thoughtful. So i guess whatever is in the future, is up to you.
    Friend from O hi O

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post
    Enjoy your new bike when you get that insurance check.
    Evaluate the parts of your gear that didn't perform to your satisfaction and invest a good part of the check in upgrades. Damaged riding gear should also be covered by your insurance.

    Glad you're OK.


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    Glad you're ok. Had a near miss myself headed up to Glacier

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    So glad your doing good Larry

    I know when my brother texted me about your encounter, my heart skipped a little and felt for you. When I heard from you I felt much better.

    I do agree with "Rad's " post when it comes to riding again.

    I'm sure you will make the right choice.

    Jim in SC

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    Quote Originally Posted by larrykelderman View Post
    My family thinks I shouldn't ride anymore,
    [I just turned 64]

    The deer don't care how old you are. My 18 yo son hit a deer this summer even with his super fast, 18 year old, prime-o-life reflexes! Totalled his honda and almost ripped the deer in half. (He was fine.)

    Seriously though, keep riding if you enjoy it and feel good about it. Its probably just the family's way of showing that they care about you.

    Best regards,
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