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Thread: Staying in shape

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    Cool Staying in shape

    What are you doing to stay in shape? Do you have a routine or just hope for the best? I'm a big believer that stopping causes rust Not being familiar with how the traffic flows in a city can be a bit taxing, IMO less taxing if you have been able to stay in shape- physically and mentally. You can be the among the best of drivers but you need to catch the rhythm of the traffic to really negotiate it.
    Training is more than physical, it is mental too. Just being aware that the vehicle in front of you has an out of state plate can tip you off that there is a chance for "less than smooth" vehicle operation. It's simple things that can make the difference, like recognizing the plate or even putting your sock on while standing up- helps maintain that 'ole balance.
    I don't think Dougie Lampkin is having trouble with balance-

    Having a trials bike looks like a good way to do strength, agility and mental training.

    What are you doing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    What are you doing to stay in shape?
    I have realized for a long time now that I need to get in shape to be able to continue to do long road trips on the bike.

    I joined the local YMCA about two months ago, and I work out on the machines three times a week. They have a good variety of machines for various muscle groups, and I hope this makes a difference for me.

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    I workout, but not like that! In South Texas during the fall and winter months you always have to be on your toes due to the winter tourists down here. They usually are going too slow and make last minute turns when they're lost. Then there's the Mexican nationals that have moved here to escape the violence in Mexico. Now they drive like they're still in Mexico; stick the car out onto an intersection to get across instead of waiting for traffic to clear.
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    I do cardio 3 - 4 times a week and then focus mainly on core muscle conditioning. I got my wife a Bosu ball for Christmas but i've come to use it way more than she does. It's great for balance and core muscle work and flexibility. I got it at Costco.

    At 55 years old, 5'9" and 195 lbs I've put on about 15 lbs over the winter that needs to come back off now. I feel pretty good at 180 lbs. I bought an S1000RR for track days and that's my motivation for getting back to my old weight and conditioning.
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    Starts with what's put down the old craw. Every pound gone is one more toward your ideal weight, which increases your bike's and your performance down the road, or up on the veranda.

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    i've been working out fairly steadily for about 35 years. have slowed down in the past 6 due to joint injuries, but still shoot for 3-5 days a week. bicyling for cardio and leg strength, weight training for the rest of the body. i set a goal of doing "something physical" every day, eating healthy (last "meal" at McDs was in 1985, and have never eaten at most of the major fastfood chains), and not overdoing too much of anything.

    if you like the idea of m/c trials, you ought to try it when you're the engine as well.
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    I do Bikram Yoga two to three times per week. At least once per week I also do light weight training. The yoga makes throwing the leg over the bike and staying alert easy as pie. The strength training is just darn good for us older guys who are loosing muscle mass due to aging.

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    Staying in shape

    I am doing kettle bell workouts using an online app called DailyBurn and I follow along on my TV via a Roku box. DailyBurn is $49/year, Roku is $99, Kettlebells are around $60-$100/per (they'll last forever) and you'll only need one or two. But there are loads of other 2-month routines. Dumbbells, Bosu balls, or just body weight. A little investment but a lot less than classes or training.

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    I go to the gym at least three times a week, and when not at the gym walk 3-5 miles on a trail. While at the gym I do upper body, core, and leg exercises to build and maintain strength. I also stand on the bosu ball for 5-10 minutes to build balance. The gym and trail workouts are meant to build strength, endurance and balance. Of course the workout is put on hold when I'm riding. I ride a R1200RT as well as an F800GS dual sport. I figure balance is the most important part of my "staying in shape" routine. I'm amazed at how quickly balance fades as you get older. Oh did I say I watch what I eat too? While I enjoy a roadside burger like the next guy, I recognize it's not the healthiest choice.
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    Helen walks me on average 4 times a week on a 3 -4 mile march. I do my best to keep up

    I am working/walking on the property to keep in outdoor shape enough without adding...but it happens and off we go. Two legged hill climbing works wonders .

    I recently have paid her back cycling, running the hills and back roads we usually throttle up on...she comments, after catching her breath, that she didn't remember that climb being so long on her Beemer. Can cycle almost year below 45 or overly windy days as that's too much like work...builds character...yeah

    Both of us upgraded some our pedaled equipment...not to most recent models, but some well maintained used ones. Took a few weeks to get the legs back for the road bikes but have been having fun doing it fun, I get bored. I found her a vintage full suspension mt. bike. Funny it's a 1995 and considered vintage. It's such an upgrade from her other one and immediately noticed as she flew by me...what have I done?
    Have a cardio heavy gym in our shop and enough weights to get'r done. We both were gym rats prior to moving out here as well as pedaling and paddling. Here, motivation is hard as the motorcycles are near the gym door and I get distracted.

    Was doing a yearly service on this bad boy today...kept H from making me do a spin class with her earlier...I had to go walk at the State Park in town with the dogs instead...kind of a win
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    Yoga 3x/wk, cycling 3x/wk, light weights almost daily. Cut out all alcohol and refined sugars. Oh yeah, quit the job too. Never felt better.

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    My wife was away 5 days, and I'm down 5 pounds, to 185. Haven't been this light for a long time.

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    I lift weights four days a week no matter what. Even when traveling for work or vacation I find time and a place to work out.

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    And now there's a study out of the University of British Columbia that suggests that even light resistance training (weights) may slow the age related shrinking of some parts of the brain.

    All these studies coming out all the time about the benefits of exercise are just amazing. And encouraging.

    They don't last long though...milegalbicka
    I've noticed this at our club too. And our members are pretty keen.

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    I used to get a lot of exercise at work when surveying, but the last few years I was mostly in the office and now I'm retired.
    I go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week for cardio workout and in good weather I get the bicycle out. Wish we lived closer to Des Moines because they have a great trail network up there.
    Today all the State Parks in Iowa encouraged people to go on a State Park walk. Around 30 of us showed up at the park near our town and walked the new section of the bicycle trail along the lake.

    Here's a few pictures on one of the Des Moines bike trails.

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