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Thread: 2012 RT Grip Heater Issue

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    2012 RT Grip Heater Issue

    So i went for a ride on the bike this morning and turned on the grip heaters to high. they will not turn off....have about 20k on the bike with no issues so far. i've turned the bike off etc and restarted it a few times, same issue, cannot turn the grip heaters off. any ideas as to what might be the cause of this problem? fwiw, seat heater switch works fine.
    W Tenn
    2012 r1200rt

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    Sounds like a switch problem. Looks like there is warranty time left let the dealer handle it.
    Bad switches are "not exactly unknown" (a euphemism for pretty common).

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    yes i have to get to the dealer, the switch is back working but now the left grip heater is out. at least my hands are not burning up now anyways.
    W Tenn
    2012 r1200rt

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