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Thread: Rear brake pad spec

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    Rear brake pad spec

    1999 r1100rt

    Anyone know if it is ok to use the EBC HH sintered pad on the rear instead of an organic pad? Some others have suggested that the original spec was for organic and you are to only use metallic if you have an upgraded caliper. I thought the pads I took off from PO were metallic, but maybe I am mistaken. I just went through a set of organic and was looking to go back with the HH sintered.

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    I can't answer whether it's "OK," but I can tell you that I currently have the EBC HH pads on the rear, and it seems fine. That's with a new EBC rotor back there too.

    Prior to that, I had EBC V pads on the OEM rotor. That seemed fine too.

    Prior to that, I had the Galfer green pads that came with the bike when I bought it, on OEM rotor. That seemed fine as well.

    I can tell precious little, if any, difference between any of these. (2000 R1100RT)

    (And, no, I'm not eating rear pads. I just put the new pads on as a matter of course when I replaced the rotor, even though the previous pads were still plenty thick.)
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    EBC HH pads have more metal content than OEM and as such are a bit more aggressive on the rotor. The rear rotor is smaller than the front so that's a wear consideration. I think I recall reading a Paul Glaves post here some time ago (of course I can't find it now) and if I recall correctly he preferred the organic pads on the rear and the HH on the front since most of your braking is up front for those reasons.

    It all depends on how much you rely on your rear brakes. Some use them a lot and others barely use them at all. I like mine for slow speed maneuvers and the odd time to shave off some speed entering corners a little on the quick side. Whoops!.. Other than that I try and lay off the rear brakes as much as possible and rely on the fronts.

    I did have to replace a rear rotor on my last 1100RT and it hurt my wallet more than expected.
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