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Thread: Mid to late 70's Airhead engine temp

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    Mid to late 70's Airhead engine temp

    Does anyone have any information as to the temperature that an airhead runs at when warmed up?

    I know down around the heads/exhaust manifold the temp would be much hotter than other places, but I am wondering about the engine case, oh, let's say around the starter motor? Or how about oil temp?

    I obviously know that this will vary dependent upon ambient temp and speed through the wind and how well the fins dissipate the heat, but I am just trying to get a feeling for the range of temps that the engine case may get to.

    I would assume the engine oil temp would be nearly the same? Right?
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    On three R100's with an oil temperature gauge (dipstick) and oil coolers I would see between 200 and 250. Once on my R80 riding double and stuck in traffic I saw over 280, much too high for my liking.


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    The nikasil cylinder models--1981 on--shed heat more efficiently than the iron liner cylinder models.
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    My dipstick gauge will read between 200 and 250 when she's really warmed up. Just keep moving, I never let it sit and idle unless I'm stuck in traffic.
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    That bike of yours is one of the sweetest running airheads I've ever seen/heard. Temp range is right on. I forgot to tell you, sometimes those dip-stick gauges require "worry-beads." As you say, keep it rolling.

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