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Thread: Allo from Northern Virginia!

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    Allo from Northern Virginia!

    Can't remember if I posted a greeting, or not, so I'm going to post. The name is Jim and I live just south of and work in DC. My ride is a 1987 K100RS. Picked it up last October up in York, PA with only 42,000+ miles on the odometer. My first bike was a 1995 MZ Saxon Tour, a great bike to begin with, but my K100RS is a far superior machine! Looking forward to many years of awesome riding.

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    Check out the local BMWBMW club ( We are a very active club with lots of opportunities to meet other BMW riders. We have a club meeting this coming Sunday at Morton's in Fredericksburg. Hope to see you there.

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    Welcome to the club and the forums from Alabama. I hope you all thaw out you can get back to thew important things....RIDING!
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    Welcome. Glad to have you here as a member.

    I second the local club. BMWBMW

    They will welcome you with open arms.

    How about a pic of that new ride? We love pics.
    Ride Well

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