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Thread: Organizer for BMW 28 liter top case

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    Organizer for BMW 28 liter top case

    I want to organize the junk I always carry in my BMW 28 liter top case. The Gold Wing crowd has a selection of fabric pockets that attach to the inside of the lid. Has anybody made something similar for the BMW 28 liter top case?

    I need some small pockets for USB cables and 12 volt chargers. Bigger ones for booklets. Dividers for the first aid stuff. Etc.

    Suggestions please and thanks.
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    I have military surplus crew bags that fit well into my 1520 Pelican cases then items that need further segregation are placed into other bags-such as tools,light bulbs,etc.. This permits all at once emptying of the case. I don't like what your describing for my top case. My new Chase Harper tank bag-top cover inside- has those features & for there, I like it. measure your inside & look around-the military bags are lots cheaper & very well made compared to MC luggage specific inner bags & other organizers.
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    My wife just got a couple of organizers from Amazon for organizing her cables, Mofi, Myfi, other gadgets for her business travels. She travels 50-60% of the time so she's always looking for better options.

    They just came in yesterday and I unboxed them since she's on the road again. I may be getting these for myself. The Grid It organizer look very intriguing and they come in different sizes and even a 3-ring binder style.
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