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Thread: 1986 RT80RT Paint Job?

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    1986 RT80RT Paint Job?

    I'd like to paint my front forks, as the black has faded away over the years and I am not an expert on painting. I can figure it out but would like to hear from one's that know and/or have done this task to lessen any error. Once I surface prepare the forks, which paint can I USE? Best spray can I could use, etc.


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    I did this very job on my 86 R80 (which used to be an RT). I removed the front wheel, fender etc., cleaned the parts and masked everything else. I painted the sliders with black aerosol auto paint from the hardware store. I don't remember the specific brand, but the paint seems fine after several years.
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    I re-painted my valve covers the satin black.

    I really like the way that paint I used went on and the way it has stayed. I used the "krylon" brand I think, and it was Satin Black. The best about it was that it was both "primer" and finish in one can. The other brand I really like too, is Rustoleum. Both have specialty paints in cans to suit just about any purpose, high heat, automotive, etc. For my money though, the brand that has the primer and finish in one can (again, I think it was Krylon) is what I would buy.

    If the forks are prepared properly, no oil, clean, dry, and right temp. this paint should serve you fine.
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