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Thread: Motorcycle Ride Partner for CA/SA-winter 2014/15?

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    Motorcycle Ride Partner for CA/SA-winter 2014/15?

    If you have interest in a MC rental/ride partnership next winter for any of the following countries: Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica,Ecuador or Mexico- lets talk. PM me.
    I'm an active,healthy, senior,married,male, experienced MC traveler that is a smell the roses style rider, not into "daily mileage marathons". FWIW, my wife isn't into long distance MC travel.
    I don't have any interest in a tour group connection, as I prefer independent travel for freedom-as in choice of : lodging,food,pacing,dates,routes,no larger group decisions & lower cost too. On/off pavement's OK but I lean toward mostly pavement or decent gravel/dirt. Room sharing OK when logical with higher cost lodgings. I am my own mechanic. I'm not interested in trips much over a month in length or during any period except after Dec. holidays , Jan., Feb. & March.

    P.S. As always , I'm open to discussion about direct ride partnerships from USA to Mexico &/or Central America. FWIW, I have over 20,000 miles of solo Mexico rides & many fly & drives/drives. I know where to go, not go, so on.
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