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    Hello All,
    I have come across a pristine,maintained never abused 2001 F650GS for $2500.Is this a decent price for this bike?I already own a couple of Airheads.I was just thinking of riding something a little more modern.No plans for much off road.Opinions on the bike and the price are welcomed.
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    If it is as you described, then it sounds like a good price. You can use to do a national search of CraigsList to see what they are selling for. is a good site for general info about the bike, including common issues.

    Good luck.
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    I would

    That seems like a good deal. You don't say how many miles on it, this engine seems bullet proof for a loooong time. 2001's were prone to stalling and surging but there are fixes for both including a software update I believe. Changing the spark plug (see my "spark Plug tuneup" thread) can help too. Perhaps this bike has had it fixed. The rest is condition and maintenance and you seem to feel those are good. My recent purchase was a bit under that price, had aluminum panniers and some Touratech goodies, with 32,000 miles. I am happy! I have 1,000 miles on mine now. 65mpg, good on road, ok on dirt roads. The "normal" Tourance tires are pretty useless in sand but you don't sound like that would be an issue. Get over to and start researching.... don't assume you know how to even check the oil, you don't DAMHIK. Chuckle I came from the Airhead and a R1100R. The newer bikes are very good.
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    Sounds like a good price. I have a 2012 G650GS and really like it. We have 4 bikes, but I really like the light weight of the little GS, and ride it alot.
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    use a searchengine for CL efforts: I use Searchtempest to scan whole USA. keep the search terms as basic as you can or you will miss many MC's. maybe something like "BMW 650" will help as many models built. Also try IBMWR, ebay & Cycle Trader.
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    Thanks for the replies.After the second email,I realized this is a scam.The bike is in Colorado,not Upstate N.Y.,free shipping with Auto trader and on and on.Oh we'll,I thought it might have been too good of a deal.
    1977 R100S, 1978R80/7,1973 R60/5
    1977 Triumph Bonneville
    1970 Triumph TR25W
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