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    Price range

    I have a friend who loves old motorcycles and ran across a 1982 BMW R100RS in an older gentleman's garage who is looking to sell it. My friend would love to buy it and, if he did, I think I could get him to join the MOA for all of its great advice. He is very mechanical and would be able to work on it. The bike seems to be in pretty good condition on the exterior with regular wear and tear. The odometer reads about 50,000 but I do not know if it has turned more than once. The owner said it ran good two years ago before he parked it. He put gas stabilizer in the gas tank and drained the carbs. The battery is currently dead. There was no sign of oil leakage under the bike.

    Not sure if this is enough, but it would be great if someone could give us a price range for a bike such as this. If no one can, we understand, but it would help us know where to start with an offer. Obviously it will need some work to get it running again.

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    $3500-$5500, depending on cosmetics, and whether it has had the needed valve & seat work at that mileage. The bodywork makes for an expensive re-paint if it, or the frame, need it.

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    The bike is worth whatever you can get it for. Having put a few bikes back on the road the costs are unknown on a none running bike. My rule is to pay no more than $1 per cc on non running bikes that are complete and unmolested. Then if you get the bike you are likely looking at a budget for a start of about $1000 to get it back into road riding shape, tires, fluids, carbs etc. You might get away for less but better to error on the high side. Of course if it has serious issues then the costs go up.

    If it was me I would look at spending $ 1500 -2000 to buy the bike. You can buy running bikes for the $ 3500 price so don't over pay for a non running bike.
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    Price range

    Not running for two years, you have to assume that you're going to need to do some work to make it roadworthy again. I would not pay more than $2000-$2500, which gives you room to spend some time/$ and still end up where a running bike would be.
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    Thank you for the feedback.

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    Hmm---my colleagues seem pretty tight. Running well two years ago, and stored with drained carbs and stabilized gas? Even with the stabilizer, it'll probably need a tank of fresh gas, and a battery, and you'll want to flush the brake fluid fairly promptly. Otherwise, it's non-running status wouldn't affect the value that much to me; if something was amiss with it two years ago, it's still amiss, but it probably hasn't gotten worse. If it was 5 years off of the road, then it'd need more, and, hence, would be worth less. Take a battery, a jug of fresh fuel, and an empty jug to drain the old fuel into, and see what it'll do.

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    Thank you again for all of the feedback. This was all very helpful. Hope to see you all in Salt Lake City this summer where we can see all the airheads on display. You are a great group.

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