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Thread: '14 RT battery

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    '14 RT battery

    What has changed battery wise on the '14? Looks like there is a cheaper charger one can use from BMW. Is the battery of different construction? Where is it located now and how is it to access?
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    The battery is under the right side panel as sitting on the bike,it is the black panel, at least on my blue bike. it is packed in quite tight. I watched the dealer struggle to get it out to put my cable on for the heated gear.

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    The front black panel. Top and bottom torxs and rubber grommet in the middle. Undo the rubber strap, pull up on the plastic retention piece. It may take a screwdriver to lift it up slightly out of a recess. Good thing the negative terminal is right there. A positve post is available just in front of the battery so you don't have to pull it out more than an inch or so to make connections. It is an AGM battery.
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