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Thread: 05 K1200S in Jacksonville FLorida

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    05 K1200S in Jacksonville FLorida

    Hi, just returned to BMW after many years of selling Harley-Davidson. I'll try to behave and contribute when called upon. I promise to always use the search feature before asking a question. I'll look in my owners manual before using the search feature. Grammar. I will definitely use grammar and punctuation. I might use spell-check, I might not.

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    Welcome RClayton...that's what they all say

    Did you ride the K12S to the H-D job? Great bike...we have a pair as well. Post a pic over in the Wedge K bike sub-forum.

    Enjoy yourself here...we try not to be hard if you ask about OIL

    Take a moment and update your user profile so we always know where your from and what/who to call you.
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