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Thread: 1990 dropping mystery parts

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    1990 dropping mystery parts

    Hi Folks - was changing up the grips on my bike when suddenly I heard a clang and found this piece underneath the bike. It fits around the forks, but I can't for the life of me figure out where or how (couldn't find any screws or nuts on the ground). And if there was a second one of these for the opposing fork, it is long gone. Any idea what this piece is?
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    It's one of two clamps that hold the windshield mounting brackets to the forks. One per side.

    46 63 2 300 135 CLAMP $1.94


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    Ah, thanks Lee. It must have come off when I put on a new windscreen earlier this winter, and just finally made it to solid earth during this last round of tinkering.

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