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Thread: volunteers

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    How about a shirt that reads:

    "If you can do better, sign up for next year"

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    Thumbs up Gotta second...

    the motions of einnar & merrittgene about volunteering. I'd done gate & security at this & previous; Nothing Like beergarden!

    After 4 hours, I weaseled & joined the ranks on the other side of the table. Still, my calves Hurt for 3 days after! The waterslippers I wore seemed a good idea, no arch support was flat stupid in hindsight.

    I'll do beergarden again, if only that a burden shared, can commiserably be enjoyed. I'll try not to weasel out next time. It Was Fun <<<)))

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    Sarge, you and Gene and I can start the list for 06 !

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    And I'll probably still be there. It was fun, but lots of work. See y'all down the road.
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    Special thanks to ...

    Quote Originally Posted by manic mechanic
    And I'll probably still be there. It was fun, but lots of work.
    I don't think there were very many people who worked at the rally SO HARD, SO DILIGENTLY, from sun-up to way-past sundown, than Manic Mechanic.

    Randy -- thanks for going way over and above the call of duty. You caught a lot of heat because you weren't 20 people..... Thanks for everything.

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    I love to work the beer gardens. I'm the guy who trys to sell you 20 tickets at a time. (and am most succesfull I might add...--and if I gave you back a wad of ones for change... it was for the greater good )
    A lot of people didn't relise the restrictions put on the beer servers for the show, should of had sign...(but then no one would have read it anyways)
    Just can't please em all..

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    Quote Originally Posted by merrittgene
    You forgot the "(sic)" after bottleneck.

    I've said it elsewhere, but volunteering MADE the rally experience what it was: camaraderie, fellowship, friendship, etc. In a word: FUN.
    I agree Gene!

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    Although Stress and I did a stint at the beer garden with the Forum folks, there are tons of people that did long shifts of volunteering. We can't thank all of you enough! The beer garden was easy (and fun), and we were able to do our 4 hours and leave. I know others that signed up for a shift and ended up giving a whole day's work. Those are the real volunteers! And, I saw Manic Mechanic many, many times throughout the whole weekend, and every time I saw him, he was still working! Thanks for picking up the slack for us, Randy!!!!
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