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Thread: Auxillary headlights on RT-P

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    AK Steve
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    Auxillary headlights on RT-P

    Anyone successfully installed auxillary headlights on a R1200RT-P, using the leftover police brackets over or under the mirrors? I'm looking at Denali lights, and can see where some simple fabrication could make it work.

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    Do you want conspicuity? Clearwaters down on the calipers work well. You want to see when you are all alone in the outback? My Hella FF200 HID Xenon's are good enough for a mile down the road. I mounted them on the brackets above the mirrors - after a bit of Dremel work on the mirror housings. You can see a pic of them at my website below. Good luck.

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    When I bought my RT-P the P/O installed PIAAs on the police brackets and it was very conspicuous, no one ever thought about pulling out in front of me.

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    Aux Headlights on Helga

    A rider in the Seattle area has aux headlights on Helga (above the rear view mirrows). Let me know if you want his contact info. Not sure if he installed them or if they were already installed at purchase.

    I have aux lights mounted on the front wheel. They were part of the PD's package for their department.
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