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Thread: Anyone wear a kidney belt or

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    Anyone wear a kidney belt or

    Other type of waist belt for Core containment/ support or support for lower back or other reason?

    Any thoughts or comments?

    What do you wear, why and how effective is it?

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    Kidney belt/back support


    My KLIM Adventure jacket came with an integrated kidney belt/back support and I love it. I had never thought to wear one before, but after riding with the jacket for the past 3 years I am seriously considering buying a separate back support for when I wear my vented jacket in the heat of the summer.
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    Back in the early '80s I was riding a Yamaha XS750. If I rode any significant distance I would get lower back pain so I started wearing a "kidney" back support belt. It helped a lot. I traded that bike for an R90/6 and soon noticed that I didn't get the lower back pain even without the belt.

    I concluded the difference was the location of the three contact points: foot pegs, seat, handlebars. Mostly, the XS750 foot pegs were an inch or two forward causing curvature in my back in the seated position.

    I have not had any back issues since unless I attempt to use forward "highway" pegs, where I can feel the pulling on the lower back within a mile or two.
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    Yes, sometimes...
    Not only does it help support my lumbars, but it also supports the belly (less jiggle).
    In addition, it also presses my Gerbings liner more firmly against me (I don't make it "very" tight) to improve the heat transfer!

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    about two years ago I went to the local yamaha shop and bought the belt that motocross riders wear. I had to order it to get it in my larger size. I wear it on longer rides and it really helps my lower back.
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    For several years I've been wearing a "Proflex by ergodyne" back support. It has a shaped lumbar pad to support your spine and a wide, double overlapping elastic belt with Velcro closure, Found it in a safety supply site. I never ride without it and on long days in the saddle it makes a big difference.


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    Kool Back

    I wear a kool back belt when going for anything longer than an hour, and it definitely makes a difference by the end of a longer day. I find it comfortable and whatever material and texture they use, it doesn't make me sweat a lot - it earns it's name.

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    I know this isn't the answer OP asked for but as one that rides & having a bad back(three pages of stuff you don't wanna know about my back) I find relief in Yoga, Pilates & McKenzie. To me, it's the more proactive approach and just might negate the need to ask about or use a belt. Strengthen your core.
    For my specific situation the choices are few, be kind to my back(which I'm not), get my spine fused or try hard to wear it completely out and do the stretchy stuff to stay involved in life. "Back doc" said he didn't like the back belts for my situation.
    PG covered the ergonomic aspect on the MC, I'll add that at this very moment, I have a "back roll" helping with the curvature of my spine while sitting here typing.
    I do remember when all the old Harley & Indian rider guys wore them-the old black leather belts. Lots of hvy equipment & truck people wear them too.
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    Back in the 70's I started using what was called a "Gold Belt" I think they are still being sold. Wide, maybe 10 in high with a stay or two vertically placed at the rear section. It had upper & lower attachment/adjustment belts with Velcro attachments so that each could be angled/adjusted for a good fit for us without perfectly cylindrical torsos.
    "kidney belts" help me go through a long day with less fatigue. I wear one on every long trip & some short ones. Harbor freight has one that includes suspenders and reflective areas (nice if you are stopped by the side of the road & have your jacket off).

    I suspect that the reason that the belt helps is that it keeps your posture erect. A good side effect is that it pulls in the belly flab & love handles for a tougher motorcyclist appearance.

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    A workshop lifting support ...

    I bought a workshop support belt for doing lifting work around the house. When I got back into biking, in 2000, I used it a bit. Did not notice any difference on short trips. On my first long trip, I forgot to take it. Big mistake. I ended up buying another one. But, the damage was done. Still, it did help me limp home and spend 3 days in bed.

    So, in 2012, when I went on a 9000 km ride to the west coast and back, I took the belt.

    Left the black belt on a black chair at the motel I stayed at in Marathon, ON on the return. Ihad to spend almost as much on UPS as the original cost, but I like that belt in particular. Funny thing, I did not miss it for the Marathon - Toronto leg. It might well be the BMW is so much more comfortable than the Triumph was, or more likely, by the time I had achieved the 3/4 point on the trip I no longer needed the support.

    Better safe than sorry. I'm thinking I should do a similar trip this year and will wear the belt at the start at least.
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    All the time when riding.

    I've been using the same Rukka kidney belt for ages. Good quality and very comfortable.

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