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Thread: Removing ATE front brake caliper

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    Removing ATE front brake caliper

    On my 1974 R 90/6, I want to replace the piston in the front caliper. After removing the cap in the bottom of the caliper, to remove the caliper, the adjustment/mounting bolt is exposed, but when turned, it doesn't come out. Help!

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    Welcome to the forum! I believe the pinch bolt for the front axle is the right thread size to screw into the bottom of the eccentric adjuster for the brake caliper. Screw that in and use it to grab onto to pull the adjuster out. It's probably a little dirty in there but should eventually come out. Should be an M8 bolt.
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    Just to clarify, the eccentric adjuster you want to pull out doesn't unscrew it will turn 360 degrees.

    You have to pull it straight out the bottom, what I do is like the last post with the pinch bolt.

    If it won't come easily put a small box wrench under the bolt and tap the wrench with a light hammer.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, guys. It worked. Now for the piston removal, new piston and new seal.

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    And then after that comes the reinstallation, fill and vent, then aligning the caliper on the rotor.
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